An Introduction to Climbing in North Cyprus

Climbing in North Cyprus offers a diverse set of experiences in great settings and (usually) great weather. What follows is a summary of the some of the best and most well-known climbing spots. In addition to these, there are many other areas known only to a handful of cognoscenti. If you want to sample these areas then Murray Mountaineering has all the information and can help you.

Garga Suyu

An outstanding sports climbing venue on (mostly) immaculate orange limestone, reaching heights up to 40m and includes several multi-pitch routes. The route Ela (f8b) is candidate for hardest route in Cyprus to date, and scene of the hardest on-sight on the island (James Mchaffie, November 2013). The crag faces West, so gets the shade late morning onwards (for some routes earlier), which together with it's elevation of above 400m, makes it a good summer choice. It is quite close to a main road, but the traffic is less intrusive than you might at first expect. Oh - and the walk in is short!

For more details including (non-exhausive) route list visit the UKC logbook page.

Viran Rocks

Originally a trad area, this has been recently developed as a really nice sports sector. Superb views and peaceful hill-side location. No traffic to disturb you up here! Rock is solid, a bit sharp in places, but has a good selection of quality lines. Faces South East so a good late Autumn to early Spring location.

For more details visit the UKC logbook page.

Alev Kayasi

Another newly developed sport sector. Again superb views and peaceful location (except perhaps on Sundays as it's close to a local picnic area). Some of the nicest technical slab climbing to be found on the island. Also some steeper lines. Has several small sectors facing different directions, so generally able to find something in the shade (or the sun).

For more details visit the UKC logbook page.


Great traditional climbing area in the 'Five fingers' hills. Rock can be loose in places, and some routes may have changed in character with respect to what (little) information is publicly available. However, for the adventurous seeking out traditional climbing in North Cyprus, then this is the place to visit. For your first visit it is highly recommended that you seek out a local guide.

For more details including (non-exhausive) route list visit the UKC logbook page.

Limbi Boulders

A small set of boulders containing an excellent range of problems, with mostly grassy flat landings. Located in a nice peaceful position overlooking Morphou bay. The main freestanding boulder is the best climbing 'Bloc' on the island and some of the others contain potentially the hardest problems on the island. Tricky to locate.

For more details visit the UKC logbook page.