Meet the team

Janey Murray (Team Boss)

Janey has been rock-climbing for over 20 years. She is a qualified Sport Climbing Instructor and has introduced a large number of young people to the sport. Outside of climbing, she enjoys scuba-diving, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and dark chocolate.

Hector Murray (Cat Control Officer)

Hector is our Italian Mastiff. His favourite climbing days are the ones that include picnics.

John Murray (Team Old Guy)

John has been climbing and teaching climbing since Noah was a boy. He likes eating pizzas after a day on the rock and does what Janey tells him!

Kitti Murray (Team Cool Kat)

Kitti has been climbing all her life. She is currently completing a two year diploma in Outdoor Adventure Sports at Duchy College in Cornwall, and will soon be a fully qualified climbing & paddle-sports instructor. She can also give you advice on music and looking good.

Tedi Murray (Team Legal Adviser)

Tedster is presently studying Law in the UK, but like her sister has climbed for many years. Tedi joins us as holiday times and is excellent at eating curry.